The Implementation Of The Death Penalty Essay

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The implementation of the death penalty is a tricky and controversial subject. When writing for the New Republic in 1985, Edward I. Koch and David Bruck shared their judgement on capital punishment. They addressed the topic from two opposing viewpoints and challenged the death penalty’s effectiveness and place in American society today. Edward I. Koch served as mayor of the state of New York for eleven years and was involved in public service for a total of twenty years. In his essay titled, “Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life,” Koch was adamant that the death penalty affirmed the highest value for human life by being the highest penalty (Koch 486). Professor of law David Bruck countered this idea in his response essay, “The Death Penalty.” Bruck expressed his opinion that the death penalty creates “an attitude towards human life that is not reverent, but reckless” (Bruck 493). He contended that the reality of execution is much harsher than what is alluded to by Koch. If the death penalty were to be seen in action, Bruck insinuated that the witness would have a hard time maintaining the stance that execution holds life to a higher regard (Bruck 491). Koch proposed that while people will always be made uncomfortable by death itself, when it comes to cold-blooded killers there is no other adequate punishment (Koch 484). He argued that the death penalty is a necessary evil that provides the maximum consequence and delivers the message that injustice…

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