The Implementation Of The Comprehensive School Counseling Program

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The goal of the program is to support student achievement through a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program. Additionally, students will work towards achieving their own educational, career, and personal/social goals, which will aid them in becoming vital members of our society. The intent is to provide counselors and administrators with a comprehensive program to implement best practices and student success. The three main elements of this program are based on standards written and established by the ASCA National Model. (2003; 2005) These include the academic, career, and the personal/social development of all high school students. All counselors will assist students grades 9th through 12th to acquire the competencies of knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed in the aforementioned three areas. Students will obtain these skills and be academically and socially successful as a result of participating in this complete school counseling program.
Delivery of The Comprehensive School Counseling Program
The implementation of the comprehensive school counseling program is an essential part of the delivery component. To offer the best services possible, the program will be geared to achieve the RAMP (Recognized ASCA Model Program) status of a comprehensive plan. According to Lapan, (2012) to continuously support the needs of students and close the achievement gap, schools should move towards the RAMP designation. In order to achieve this, counselors must…

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