The Implementation Of Correct Systems Essay

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The implementation of correct systems requires an excellent teams including expert leaders, manager, and specialists. The team members should communicate between each other to achieve their goals. Directors, leadership, middle management, the quality improvement committee, medical staff, and the departmental staff all of them can make the successful for any organization. The leaders guide the project activities, data collection, and set up policy. Leader guide the staff to achieve the goals. Effective communications between leaders of the Baylor Medical Center and the department staff collects the data and ensuring the new system can communicate with the current system for the data transfers. As the system nears completion the staff will receive expert training so that all the employees can efficiently use the system. For the system to perform without any problems require an evaluation each year and improve the quality of care. The final process of the implementation will ensure the system meet the expectation with the Joint Commission or with other agencies.
The director of Baylor Medical Center is responsible to ensure that the employees receive the training for improving quality. The directors support and lead the implementation of quality improvement activities. They review, evaluate, approve the resources to accomplish the plan. Also the directors must monitor the team that responsible for quality improvement which lead to improve the quality of care for patients and…

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