The Implementation Of Computer Science Essay

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The implementation of computer science to every school in the United States can create a great impact not only to the students, but also to the society and the future. So first of all, what is computer science? According to Jetty Kahn, author of the book called Women in Computer Science Careers, computer science is the study of computers and how they work. It changed our society and made it a better place for us to live.
According to Simon Thompson, a Professor of Logic and Computation in the Computing Laboratory of the University of Kent, without computer science, “there would be no PCs or laptops, and so no word processing or spreadsheets, no communication using the web, no online shopping or photo enhancement. There would be no mobile phones or digital cameras, because these are computers at heart. There would be no internet or phone system. There would be no modern cars, trains or aircraft: computers control how they work and guide their safety on rails or in the air. There would be empty shops: all their stock is computer-controlled. There would be very few goods: many are made by robots, which themselves are computers. Food would be scarce: supermarkets ' distribution systems rely on computers and computers often control food production itself.” Without computer science, our life would have been harder.
Now that computer science is becoming more and more important to us, since we are now becoming more dependent to technology, we should educate ourselves more about it.…

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