The Imperial Baths Of Diocletian Essay

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In this paper, I intend to show how the size and grandness of the Imperial Baths of Diocletian, built in Rome from 298 to 306 CE, reflected the rule of Emperor Diocletian by contrasting the time period before (when the Baths of Caracalla were built) and after the Baths of Diocletian (the decline of the Roman Empire and the conversion of the Baths of Constantine into a fortress). The central question in my paper is: How does the Baths of Diocletian reflect the reign of Emperor Diocletain?

Form and Function: Roman Baths Early baths of the Roman Empire were dark until later advancements in architecture and technology made it possible for the baths to be organically lit by large windows. Figure one show the proper scale of one of the windows in an imperial bath compared to a human size. The design of early baths included vaults, domes, and large windows. Many of the baths were in the Greek order because public baths originated from Greece. The technology that went into planning out the mechanisms of the bath was amazing. The Romans learned how to heat the baths by using a hyocaust located underneath the floor of the baths. A diagram of the mechanism is in figure two. Coal and wood is burned in the praefurnium then the heat travels along the hypocaust up to the tubuliwhich heats up the walls of the bathhouse creating the warmth. The big windows facing the sun let in more heat for a visitor of the bathhouse to gat a tan and a great view of Rome. Public baths for the Roman…

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