The Imperfections Of Capital Punishment Essay

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The Imperfections of Capital Punishment
There are many people that would agree that capital punishment is one of the most debated topics in American courts. There are large amounts of supporters for both sides on this issue. People for capital punishment would argue that it serves as deterrence and also as retribution. People against it state that the death penalty is unethical and unhuman. The use of capital punishment can cause the death of innocent people, can be treated unfair and serves as a cruel and unusable punishment.
Can Cause the death of Innocent People
One major flaw of capital punishment is that innocent people can die. Capital punishment is literally a life and death situation. The wrongly accused and death sentenced will no longer have a chance to be released if proven innocent by new evidence. “With advances in technology such as improvements of DNA testing and other laboratory procedures, some have shown that the justice system can make mistakes” (Opposing Viewpoints, 2015). According to DPIC (Death Penalty Information Center) there are 150 innocent people since 1973 that were on death row.
There is also the thought of people who died who were innocent. DPIC also has a list of people who were executed but were possibly innocent. Sure, there is no way to know how many people were innocent of the over 1,000 executed since 1967.
Viewed as Bias and Unfair
Capital Punishment has been critiqued for being bias and unfair. “The death penalty has been imposed…

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