How Did The First World War Affect America Today

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The United States of America today is directly influenced by the actions of hundreds of thousands of Americans who served in World War I. From August of 1914 to November of 1918, World War I raged across the globe and became known as the Great War, others called it the war to end all wars. It was so horrible that nobody imagined it could ever happen again. It killed nearly a generation of young men of Europe along with countless civilians. Historians figure that well over fourteen millions people died in the Great War. In recent years, World War I has not received the national attention of other conflicts such as World War II Vietnam or the American civil war. In countless ways, the war to end all wars continuous to have profound impact on all Americans and our very way of life everyday. …show more content…
By August, Europe summer was over. America is and was the melting pot of cultures and religions all under one flag while Europe was completely different. After the assassination of Ferdinand, Austria demanded that Austrian agents be allowed to investigate the crime in Serbia itself. Serbia rejected the demand and Austria declared war on Serbia on July 28th. To make a long story short, Austria-Hungary was allied with Germany and Serbia was allied with Russia and France was also allied with Russia. Russia would not tolerate a mobilized Austrian army on its border and in return mobilized its army against Austria. Germany ordered Russia to stop mobilizing and when they refused Germany declared war on Russia on August 1st and two days later declared war on France. On August 4th, Germany invaded Belgium with its massive army of men to take the war to the heart of France. Two days after that Austria-hungary declared war on Russia. The German military has developed a plan to win a war against France in one side and Russia on the other. They would invade France through Belgium and make a huge

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