The Impacts Of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was a man who many historian describe to be dictator that only thought

about himself and not of the people of Rome. He was man who could never be a fair or, honest

leader to whomever he would govern or rule over. Even the people he thought of as friends

couldn’t accept him as their leader. Even though he was consider a terrible man the people of

Rome would love him to their heart content. I’m going to be telling you about Julius Caesar,

what people thought about him, and how he came in to power over Rome.

He started off as a roman general who would lead his battalion to multiple victories in

battle. Seeing that he wanted more power he would fight and kill the emperor who was in charge

of Rome at that time and take
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The reason why he would want Anthony to touch his wife during, the race is because his

wife is baron and they believed that the gods would give them a child if the wife was touch

during the race. If this happened they said that the child was guarantee to come even though it

never really worked unless God blessed you and your family. Psalms 48:6 Panic seized them

there, Anguish, as a woman of child birth.” This is saying that God will bless you if you cannot

conceive a child. Only if you follow him, pray to him, worship him and many more things. For

Anthony though he did not want to do because he was trying to win the race and lose for

something as stupid as that. He had no other choice but to obey Caesar he was in charge of the

whole empire and telling him no would mean certain death to anyone who would cross him. He

had no other choice but to obey and say yes master I will be sure to touch your wife will in the

race. That all he could ever say in front of Julius Caesar the emperor of Rome the one who

controls all.

After, Caesar finished his conversation with Anthony Brutus and Cassius
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H was also there when Caesar caught the flu and started

crying because he was sick. He could not believe that they kept on calling this man Caesar a god

it just blew his mind so much. He kept on telling this to Brutus and Brutus was just listening to

him the whole entire kind of agreeing with him. Then Cassius said, what the difference between

the name Caesar and Brutus it all the same. Why does his name weigh more than yours it doesn’t

at all? Brutus what the difference between his accomplishments and yours? There nothing that

Caesar has done that’s better than yours is there. It’s the fact that he is in charge and people don’t

want to be killed that right there is the only difference between you and him isn’t that right

Brutus. If you were born into Caesar shackles then I’m pretty sure you would have been a better

than he could ever be. In response, Brutus would just I am not jealous of what Caesar has

become to the people of Rome. Even though I have thought the same thoughts you did it does

not concern me anymore. Yes I do wish I was born into Caesar shackles, but I cannot go back

and change what has happened so there no point in trying to we might as well accept the fact

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