What Role Did Religion Play In The Crusades

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Religion and the expansion of territory played a monumental role in lighting the match that set in motion the Crusades. The after affect of what took place during this medieval conflict would later shape the turnout of Europe and the Middle East. Before the Crusades happened Christianity was the dominant religion of power. Muslim leaders and armies started to conquer all of the Christian territories, like the Byzantine Empire. Christians did not want muslims to conquer all of their lands , especially the Holy Land . This led to a fierce and brutal competition over Jerusalem, as the muslims and Christians fought in the Crusades.

Religion without a doubt was an significant component, especially in the first of many crusades. Pope Urban II
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From the point of view of the Jews, the Crusades was a revenge war by Christians. Christians wanted to avenge themselves against the Muslims, especially after what they did to their land. The Muslims in Jerusalem had been killing Christians and kicking the priests out of Jerusalem. Christians saw this as an attack against them because Jerusalem was considered their home, and Muslims killing their people and kicking them out of their homes was immoral and appalling. So they had to seek revenge for the horrible deeds Muslims had done against them . Alexius Emperor of Byzantium who was an Christian ally, thought the Crusade started because of a cunning plan by Peter Hermit. Peter the Hermit had tried to travel to Jerusalem but he was attacked by the Seljuk Turks, so since he did not want to go on the journey alone due to safety he made a plan. He went around these Christian countries telling them that God told him that they needed to get Jerusalem from the hands of the Muslims. Peter did not listen to his Emperor and followed with his plan, and brought trouble for Christians ( Comnena 366- 370 ). So to the Byzantine Empire believed this was what started the first

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