The Information Age Analysis

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The Information Age, also known as the Computer Age or The Information Era, is the idea that the current period in human history will be characterized by the ability of humans to have access to technology and control’ information (Rouse, 2014). The Information Age has increased worldwide communication and shaped modern society. The two most powerful innovations from the Information age, the internet and the World Wide Web, have made tedious everyday tasks more efficient, opened up to new information and has made communicating worldwide easier. These innovations have tremendous impacts on social, cultural, economical and political advancements.
Before the innovation of the internet in 1969 and World Wide Web in 1989 people had their own way
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Government officials running for election use the internet and social media as a campaigning resource “It is suggested that the Facebook social messages increased the turnout directly by about 60,000 voters and indirectly through social contagion by another 280,000 voters, for a total of 340,000 additional votes (Nature, 2012, 2014).“To put these results in context, it is important to note that turnout has been steadily increasing in recent U.S. midterm elections, from 36.3% of the voting-age population in 2002 to 37.2% in 2006, and to 37.8% in 2010” (Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 2014) . So the more the politician campaigns on social media sites the more votes they end up averaging. Social media can have a significant effect on election turnouts. Another impact politically is that now the government has no privacy. Any records can be seen by average every day people. News about new policies and laws can be leaked and seen by the public. These laws are then debated by people on social media. “The data show that “on Twitter, political talk is high, where users’ clusters are characterized by homogeneous views and are linked to information sources” (Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 2014). These twitter debates inform citizens on what’s happening and give politicians an inside into what citizens are

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