The Impacts Of Peer Pressure And Social Media

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The Changes in Thinking Organizations such as UND, GFL, and ASF state that they are all freethinkers; however, is this true? With advanced technology, people in this generation are impacted in many different ways, whether permitted or not. Living in a world where the biggest concern is getting 200 likes on a picture, it is difficult to be and think for yourself. Peer pressure is very common throughout the world, and is making people more susceptible to mistakes. Rules are enforced all around the world, and everyone must apply these rules in order to prevent any kind of punishments. Many outside sources prevent people from achieving their full potential to think for themselves. Peer pressure comes in many different ways, but due to the amounts of negative impacts it has on the lives of individuals, it …show more content…
Self-appearance is a big deal in this generation, and social media has done a lot more harm than good. “’the big discussion in the fashion business has always been about should we retouch girls, should we create a portrait of a girl that is not achievable by a real girl’” (Poynter). When popular magazines show pictures of edited models in bikinis, it creates a false reality of what an ideal woman looks like. Girls then begin to view themselves differently and question if they are pretty or not. Many creations have come out recently that help women achieve this “perfect body,” and girls are willing to do it no matter what. “The ASA investigated the ad following a complaint from a viewer who believed it encouraged unhealthy body perceptions, and considered it to be ‘harmful’” (Mashable). Waist bands squeeze in your waists and misshape your organs to create what is known as the “tiny waist.” This promotes a false image, especially to young girls, about how a woman should look like. So far, social media has done a lot more damage to the way people think and has failed to promote more good than

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