The Impact On Cma And Cmrs Essay example

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The impact on CMA and CMRS and on how both can play a role in medical terminology. After doing my research I have learned the differences between how to become a medical assistant/professional and how the CMA does has an impact on medical terminology in so many ways you couldn’t even image. I think it just not about taking the exam or even taken other test it’s about knowing your knowledge. The CMRS also taught me if u decide to become a medical billing you have to know the material of it, and the different requirements you have to accomplish. In my research paper will explain the requirements of CMA and CMRS exams it will also explain if you do not complete both of these exams then you wouldn’t be able apply for a medical assistant jobs. Medical terminology will break down the different language to speak in the healthcare field. Medical terminology will describe that it has their own language for a medical assistant or n nurse to understand a patient that cannot speak completely.

Researching on CMA and CMRS exams and how they both play a role in Medical Terminology. Which I have noticed that both of these exams are different from each other. The CMA represent a medical assistant who has been through Certifying (Board of the American Association ND para1.) The CMRS represent the (board of the American medical billing 101 ND para 1, 3) which if you choose to become a professional certified practice of medical. When you are going for a CMA you must be certified…

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