The Impact Of Ww I On The Middle East Essay

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Short Paper comparing the impact of WW I on the international relations of the Middle East to that of the Cold war
During the administration of George H.W. Bush with the collapse of the Soviet Union a “New World Order” was proclaimed. I would put forth that there have been at least three major world orders: after World War I which was marked by increased colonialism. Major world order two, after World War Two and the rise of the super powers, third world order which we are in now- the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of an American uni-polarity. This paper will take a brief over view comparing the first two world orders and how they affected the Middle East.
The First New World Order
The fall of the Ottoman Empire
At the start of the First World War the great powers at the time were France, Germany Great Britain and Russia; the United States would not see its clout become significant until later. Additionally, Russia’s influence would also increase by a great magnitude later on. Arguably the most important event that occurred within this time frame was the collapse after 400 hundred of the Ottoman Empire due in part to competing factions of Turkish and Arab nationalism The collapse of this empire resulted in a power vacuum and the creation of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan (trans Jordan) and the region of Palestine future location of Israel.
The falloff the Ottoman Empire led to fragmentation and ushered in a new form of colonialism one that would become…

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