The Impact Of World War II On American Society Essay

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America only was able to improve its civilian economy, mainly by providing large amounts of armament and supplies for the Allies. Rather than undermine the economy, the war became the best tool in bringing America out of the Great Depression. Still, it was thanks to Roosevelt’s war strategies that the US came out victorious from the military conflict. It was his belief that by keeping armed ground forces at the minimum level, he could improve the economy by securing the industrial production lines. Along with production and a boosting economy, came social changes that affected all aspects of American life. There was an increase in mobility, which had virtually stopped during the Depression years. Now the urbanization of America was in full force, throngs of families leaving small towns and rural areas and moving to metropolitan areas (Linton, 1975).
Socially, one of the biggest impacts of World War II in American society was the participation of women, not only in the war effort, but in pursuing a new role in society. The military organized women in specialized units, with their own officers, uniforms, and with a pay which was equal to the one received by their male counterparts. But the major faced by society was the image of the American woman on the home front. For the first time in American history, the number of married working women outnumbered single working women. The war provided a place for women in the labor force, and this, along with labor laws, gave…

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