Essay on The Impact Of Volcanos On Earth 's Life

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Volcanos have been a part of Earth’s geologic timescale for as long back as we can look. The people of ancient Greece believed the fumes were the fiery breath of a monster, held captive under a mountain by the almighty God, Zeus. The Romans were convinced the God of Blacksmith, Vulcan, was working diligently in his personal forge crafting the weapons of the Heavens. Some civilizations even feared Volcanos, with the idea that they were the passage way to the underworld, a hell here on Earth. If those civilizations were correct, Earth is not the only place hell resides. In 1988 the Voyager space probe sent back revealing data of one of Jupiter’s moons, Io. Erupting sulfur and other volcanic gases, scientist soon realized that Volcanos could be found not only on this Jupiter moon but also in numerous places and numerous planets throughout our solar system. These Volcanos, like the ones found on earth, also contributed to the shaping of their own atmosphere and other geological landmarks. Volcanos impacted the form and the make-up of Earth’s exteriors, but also play a role in unlocking the secrets of our planet’s interior as well. Volcanos can help create magnificent landmarks such as the famous Hawaiian Islands, and they can destroy man’s creation like the city of Pompeii. There are a lot of questions on Volcanos we have yet to answer, but there is one thing we know for sure, we can never know enough. Our survival may depend on it.
Now as scary as Volcanos may be, we have the…

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