Essay on The Impact Of Video Games On Aggressive Behavior

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Impact of Video Games being a Contributor to Aggressive Behavior
Beresin, Eugene. "Violent Video Games and Movies Causing Violent Behavior." Psychology Today (2012): Web. Eugene Beresin highlights on how violent video games and movies contribute to aggressive behaviors among teenagers. The author argues that the media should be blamed for promoting violent films and videos that lead to mass violence in the society. The article highlights how the video games can make children become violent for prolonged periods. Beresin’s report offers the relationship between violent games and violent behaviors. Moreover, the article has evaluated the relationship between watching television and violent movies. The author has evaluated the effects of violent games to the development of the children in the society. Ultimately, the report offers advice tips for parents on how to monitor what on the game kids play and the videos they watch while at home. The article is useful in the documentation of the literature review of the topic. Bushman, Brad. "Violent video games and real violence: there’s a link, but it’s not so simple ." The Conversation (2016): Web. Brad Bushman describes on the public debate that has emerged on the effects of violent games. The article explores the laboratory experiments that have been conducted to establish the effects of video games. Bushman establishes the relationship between playing violent games and non-violent games. The article tries to examine through…

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