The Impact of Using Technology in Teaching English as Second Language

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In the Name of God


Mahsa Rabiee

Khouzestan Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University Ahvaz-Iran

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of using technology in teaching English as a second language. It considers some techniques which can promote English language students to take a step forward on their learning skills by using technology. In this research, the focus is on reading and writing ability of learners. During the study, some techniques, such as: Use of Computers, Use of Electronic Dictionaries, Use of Internet Text-Chatting and writing E-mails were taken into account and the results of
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In Iran, English language education is considered especially important for experts of the other fields. The problem is that students who have received several years of formal English instruction frequently face difficulties to use the language, whether in the spoken or written form. You may see someone who has studied 18 to 20 terms in an institute but he/she is unable to express himself/herself in English. The gravity of the situation comes to eyes when, if not many, some technical subjects are not satisfactorily learned until the students study relevant text books and materials in English.
Most students have problems when they are asked to learn the new words in a single lesson. Some of them who have found the job very difficult will quit the job at the very beginning, and some try to memorize a word list. None of us can forget the tough job of memorizing word lists during the school days. Learning vocabulary in isolation, in a non-meaningful way, without any pronunciation hints, as it is common among Iranian students, will definitely lead to short term memory storage, frequent mispronunciations and a total lack of knowledge of the usage. Students, unfamiliarity with phonetic alphabet, on the one hand, and the teachers, incorrect pronunciations in some cases, on the other hand, prevents students from getting help from their auditory memory when they need to remember the previously learned items.
The present study aimed at investigating

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