The Impact Of Twitter On The Method Of Sharing News Globally Essays

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1. SWOT Analysis
Strength –
• Twitter is impacting the method of sharing news globally
• Twitter created a diverse platform for people to control all areas of media. (Example: Political news, sports, entertainment) o Twitter has tried to simplify this by implementing a new feature called Moments
• Twitter allows businesses to communicate with employees and workers real-time messages
• Twitter created a new form of two-way communication o Customers can publicly share views on products for anyone to see o Personal and direct interaction with customers
• Utilizing tweeting during live events to improve experience for millennial market o Twitter now streams major events live
• Revenue generators o Advertising makes up about 90% of Twitter’s revenue – Autoplay videos and native videos is currently driving ad revenue. As well as off-network ad business like Twitter Audience Network. Autoplay videos cost less than click-to-view ads o Twitter’s advertising platform is open. All a company needs to do is sign up and they can start running ads o Data licensing – Twitter has sold data to other organizations to analyze the tweets and content
• Twitter has not been able to remain competitive based on user population compared to other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp
• Twitter has not been able to produce new products people want to use
• Leadership – Dorsey’s ability to be CEO of Twitter and Square

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