The Impact Of Tropical Depression On The Western Caribbean Sea

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On June 10, the first tropical depression of the season developed in the western Caribbean Sea. It moved northwestward, dissipating over the eastern Yucatán Peninsula on June 12. At the same time that the previous system developed, Tropical Depression Two originated north of the Lesser Antilles. This system moved northward and passed just east of Bermuda on June 11. After turning to the northeast, the depression dissipated on June 13. On June 18, Tropical Depression Four also developed north of the Lesser Antilles, taking a similar trajectory to the north-northwest, and dissipating on June 20 east of Bermuda.[6][4]

Satellite imagery and ship data indicated that Tropical Depression Three formed on June 14 to the northeast of the northeastern Bahamas,[5] associated with an upper-level low. With a ridge to the northeast, the depression moved northwestward toward the southeastern United States.[26] Conditions were not favorable for strengthening, with cool air and minimal outflow, although the winds approached gale-force.[5] An approaching cold front turned the system to the northeast on June 18.[26] That day, the depression moved ashore just southwest of Wilmington, North Carolina, and soon lost tropical characteristics.[5] The remnants continued to the northeast, transitioning into an extratropical storm that passed just east of Massachusetts on June 19. On the next day, the system was absorbed by the front, and continued to the northeast into Nova Scotia by June 22. The…

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