The Impact Of Trauma And Growth During The Trauma Of Natural Disasters

1106 Words Apr 3rd, 2015 5 Pages
The research seeks to address the gap that exist in the literature between the group perspective of trauma and growth and the individual perception in relation to this specific natural disaster and personal growth. This study aims to expand on the knowledge of individual perception of change and growth during and following the trauma of natural disasters. This phenomenological inquiry investigated the lived experiences of individuals who underwent Hurricane Katrina to better understand the “refugee” experience of displacement from an individual perspective and the impact of trauma during a natural disaster. The exploration of their traumatic experiences is explored through the lens of post-traumatic growth. Ten participants agreed to participate in this exploration. The qualifying criteria included adults who were age 25 and older, who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina and returned home following their displacement. The participants were willing to share their aftermath of their lived experience through qualitative interview and two supplementary inventories. There were six main interview questions with follow-up questions to provide more clarity. The Brief COPE In-ventory was reflective of the coping skills the participants assessed to handle their displacement. The Post-Traumatic Growth Inventory was used to measure their experience of change or lack there of following Hurricane Katrina. These resources were used to answer the research question and each individual…

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