The Impact Of Tourism On The Local Community Essay

778 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Tourism hugely benefits the local community

Currently, tourism has become highest sector of businesses for many countries around the world. It is more and more becoming the most significant revenue source for many nations due to the fact that tourism bring also numerous benefits in the communities such as economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits. According to the Cambridge online dictionary (2016), Tourism consists of trips that involve travelling of people to move from one place to further place. This essay will discuss same positives and negative point of tourism in Kenya and Mexico stats the writer’s opinions about the topic. Therefore, it can be argued that there are more advantages than disadvantages of tourism in the communities.
In one hand, many people believe that tourism has brought several economic benefits for many countries. For this reason it has helped to improve many services sector which have direct impact on native communities. For example, many companies are working to improve their incomes as result most of them are building accommodation, hospitals, restaurants, resorts, guest houses, taxi companies and some agencies tourist guide. As result, it leads to the increasing of number of employment for local communities as well as and help to improve local economies. Moreover, sightseeing is may be essential for many local areas since some visitors seem to spending much money for their tourism in local communities which boosts the…

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