The Impact Of Tourism On America 's National Identity Essay example

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Tourism came about as a way to form America’s national identity. In the book See America First, Shaffer gives an overview of how America used tourism to shape its’ identity. In the late 1880’s, America, even though we were considered one big country, it was still subdivided into the North, the South, the East, and the West. As railroads and eventually automobiles allowed easier travel the tourism industry picked up. The tourism industry proposed that by traveling and seeing the country, it would unite America. Shaffer (2001) points out that “tourism was integrally connected to the emergence of the United States as a corporate, urban-industrial nation-state, which helped imbue the nation with form and substance” (p. 4). Tourism was the key that eventually united America into the powerhouse it has become today, by interlocking all parts of the country together as one and bringing the citizens of America together. As railroads were emerging, especially the transcontinental line, tourism was at the threshold of gaining popularity among America’s richest people. Tourism was touting the transcontinental railroad as the best way to cross the country and see America’s unique beauty. Before the civil war, the tourism industry was “primarily regional in scope” having the feeling of “resort vacationing with fashionable society” (Shaffer, 2001, p. 15). Shaffer details how the tourism industry believed if they promoted patriotism and a feeling of uniting the country they would…

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