The Impact Of The Second Great Awakening On The Women's Rights Movement

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Second Great Awakening on the Women’s Rights Movement The Second Great Awakening aimed to improve the relationship between people and the overall good of American society. The era consisted of the movement toward the abolishment of slavery, better public education, utopian society, and women's rights. All of these rights were motivated by the mass religious diversification and evangelistic thought, and had an impact on America that became controversial, in the sense of political sovereignty for all people. However, the impact that religious reform had the most on was the rights for women. It served extensively as a motivational factor in its causation and conversion of the American mindset from divisive to one that is more accepting. …show more content…
This gateway was developed by the spread of evangelistic ideas. When combined with efforts placed by early day feminism created, it became a vital argument for human rights. The relationship established between the sexes had changed. There was more than just a strong correlation between the relationships between men and women through this event. There is almost causation at play when it come to how influential the Second Great Awakening on the development of the Women's rights movements. It was almost as if one would imply the creation of the other. As a result of the Second Great Awakening, women were able to gain a sense of identity in society and utilized that chance to push for better equality not only for themselves but for other ethical issues that troubled the United States. While promoting the spread of evangelistic ideas and the reformation of church members, women were not only gaining the fundamental tools for change but also the necessary awakening, fight and movement towards better status for

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