The Impact Of The New Technology During The Vietnam Era On The People Of America

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A war known as the “Living Room War,” represents the power of television reporting on people at home and its ability to turn the public opinion of the war quickly (Horten 37). The Vietnam War is a prime example of this war in the living room. At home, in America, people watched their newly bought televisions to see what was going on in Vietnam. The media was able to present the news as they saw it so the people’s opinion was typically changed based on what the media stated. This shows the influence of the new technology during the Vietnam era on the people of America. During the Vietnam era, there was a wave of new technology available that allowed American citizens and other people all over the world to get news in ways other than a newspaper. In this wave of new technology was a new medium for receiving the news known as television. This medium of the news became popular very quickly due to its ability to get the information quickly from one side of the world to the other (Horten 32). Soon after its creation, television became a more potent influence on the lives of people than the newspaper. This show the world was changing due to the new technology that was available. Concordia University professor, Gerd Horton states, “By 1972, 48 percent of Americans chose television as their favorite news medium while only 21 percent preferred the newspapers” (Horten 32). This is evidence of the large shift of the use of different mediums of news during the Vietnam War. Now, there…

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