The Impact Of The Nation Of Islam

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Register to read the introduction… Malcolm X brought the Nation of Islam into popularity, and while being the organizations chief spokesman, was able to find influence among young African Americans during the civil rights movement. One of those young African Americans was Cassius Clay, who in 1964 converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali and eventually joined the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X went away from the Nation of Islam this same year, 1964, and went on a hajj to Mecca where he converted to Sunni Islam. Sunni Islam began to rise in popularity since his conversion and that of Muhammad Ali’s, who converted in …show more content…
I think that the obvious answer is that of discrimination. Of course the 9/11 attacks set Muslims back when it comes to acceptance in America. However, even though discrimination can be an awful thing, it usually will not destroy a group unlike loss of culture. I think that Muslims who feel that they need to change the way they dress or believe, to fit in because of discrimination is the biggest threat to Islam in America. I think it would be hard not to adapt and change your values so that you could be a better fit for certain employment. Not only that, but just the nature of America is to fit in and be “cool”. Look at every commercial, movie, and magazine that comes out of Hollywood or is on the shelves in the grocery stores. I think that is the biggest problem for Muslims living in the

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