Western Human Advancement

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There is a lot of confusion about why did it take human beings almost 2000 years to apply the use of steam power to create rotary motion in the form of a spinning ball driven by the pressure generated by steam that was described by Heron of Alexandria into a practical, functioning steam engine? People only started to apply this basic principle after the industrial revolution in England.
The Industrial Revolution has been an overall wonder, in any event in so far as it has happened in every one of those parts of the world, of which there are not very many special cases, where the impact of Western human advancement has been felt. Without question it happened first in Britain, and its belongings spread just bit by bit to mainland Europe and North America. Similarly and obviously, the Industrial Revolution that inevitably changed these parts of the
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Why ought to Greeks build up a telescope if Ptolemy 's cosmological model was sufficiently exact? More probable it would enthusiasm as an instrument helpful for the military. Why ought to the Athenians adjust the Meton schedule or later more precise timetables? In the event that you create one precise measuring gadget then some of the time you find other startling impacts or wonders (or other intriguing things, for example, a few moons of Jupiter) and to contemplate these you create different gadgets. Today we know this and we trust by expanding the abilities of a gadget likewise to extend our insight with new disclosures. You need obviously some money related support for the advancement, for the material and the vital investigations. Antiquated Greeks realized that warmed air extends, or that the length of a rope as Heron depicts changes by dampness, however there was no motivation to utilize this data to deliver a gadget to gauge temperature (by the development, just by putting a scale) or

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