The Impact Of The First World War From 1900-1945

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There are many events that shaped the United States from 1900-1945. These events resulted in a heavy change in American lives, but also effect the minority and disenfranchised population. The three main events were World War 1, The Great Depression, and World War 2. The First world war lasted from 1914-1918, it was started after Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated. Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, the central powers, fought against the Allied Powers which were Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy and Japan. This was big part of U.S. history because it was the first world war ever and in the United States got involved 1917. The impact of the war left the U.S. more technologically advanced along with entering the wave of steel …show more content…
People became more advanced in daily life once technological advancements such as phones, television, and atomic bombs were introduced to the public. Having this technology changed the way of life in America, people could communicate much easier and this only helped the progression on technology move faster (2). Having an atomic bomb allowed the U.S. to be strong in war, intimidating other countries from invading making citizens feel more safe. Consumerism through out these years was yo-yoing. At first it was great and America was booming, the lives of the citizens were full of wealth and happiness. Later the stock market crashed leaving America in The Great Depression which made the lives of people terrible. Jobs were lots, nobody was making money, and many people were becoming homeless. This is when consumerism hit an all time low. As time went on and America went to war, a new light was brought to the people. New jobs popped dealing with war efforts which helped the economy turn around. These new jobs and production helped America lift out of the depression. Also proposals such as The New Deal which promised the right to make a good living and a balanced federal budget contributed the the change of consumerism (4). The men coming back from the war were introduced to a new America. Wealth was back again and people begun to marry and start families which was the opposite of the depression. People were buying things and spending their money like never before. This time period also brought a growth to the political powers of the national government. Early in the 1900’s the government was seen as the protector of peoples rights, but it later changed to the government just trying to further the nations economic standing This changed the peoples lives because they new had to start to pay income tax

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