The Impact Of The Agricultural Revolution On Human Society Essay

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Explore the impact of the agricultural revolution on human society

Looking back at the achievements of humans, one that some say has caused the largest impact is the Agricultural Revolution. During the late 18th and 19th centuries as a result of the Industrial Revolution, and its advances came the Agricultural Revolution. Due to the developments in technology, the agricultural system in Britain was completely overhauled. The system had to become more efficient to meet the demands of the growing population, and economy. To meet these demands previous methods of production were replaced with new machinery and new technologies. Leading to great improvements in crop cultivation, and introduced fertilisers to improve crop production. While many academics agree that this change was positive, because it made growing and processing food much easier, resulting in the cost of food decreasing. Therefore, food was more affordable, consequently, food became more accessible to the poverty stricken people of society. During the mid-19th century the world population is estimated to have been 1.2 billion, since then the world has risen to approximately 7.3 billion.
This paper will explore the growing demand for agricultural products, and the consequences on the environment (e.g. global warming, water pollution, deforestation), and society.

At this point in time, we are a society that is extremely vulnerable to “further acceleration in the pace of environmental change, resource use, and…

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