Text Messaging Impact On Society

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Often times we ask ourselves how does text messaging really impact our teen society today, and what needs to be done so we can protect ourselves from falling in the epidemic of allowing technology to end lives worldwide. Technology has affected the safety and literacy of our generation today more than ever and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Text messaging alone has caused many driving accidents, school distractions, as well as brainwashing the generation today into believing we can’t have a fully productive day without the use of text messages. The number of accidents while operating motor vehicles and or machinery has tremendously doubled over the years. In many cases it seems text messaging is the primary factor in leading to fatal accidents. It’s extremely difficult to engage in text messaging while driving a car with other persons on the road. Furthermore, everyone has to remember we are not driving on the road alone. Operating motor …show more content…
Texting has become so much of a routine that some prefer to text rather than engage in a conversation over the phone or face to face. In short my opinion as far as texting goes, is not only addictive its very much brainwashing. I believe text messaging was designed to brainwash and attempt to induce someone to give up basic and traditional ways of communicating. It’s the way for the government to have some type of control and create ways to keep population down. Furthermore, texting has negatively impact our generation in numerous ways. All though laws were set in place for texting while driving to be illegal, these laws were put in place after people have already made this a routine in their lives which makes it not really effective. The way we as a generation have adapted to texting with everything we do, it will be extremely difficult for us to change this form of

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