The Impact of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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The Impact of Teen Pregnancy on Young Mothers

Jennifer West Kaplan University

CM220 Professor Vineski October 28, 2012

The reality TV series 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom are two great examples showing the
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Postpartum depression affects many mothers life while trying to care for their child. This depression makes it hard for a mother to have the want or need to take care of their baby, cry consistently, and may cause the mother to shut herself out away from the rest of the world(”Teen Pregnancy :Medical Risks and Realities”, 2005-2012). Teens are at higher risk of this depression because they are less experienced, scared, the lack of social life and simply because they just do not know how to handle a helpless child depending on the young mother. Teens most of the time lack these skills to obtain a successful pregnancy. Bodeeb also states that according to The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that babies born to teen mothers may have weaker intellectual development and may have on going medical complications. Babies born to teen mothers may have medical complications such as: The growth of the child, which is called premature birth. The earlier a baby is born the more risk there is of respiratory, digestive, vision, cognitive, and other problems (“Teen Pregnancy: Medical Risks and Realities”, 2005-2012).
It is not easy attending high school while expecting a child, especially having to deal with being judged by classmates. Regardless if any teen mother is affected by the comments or snickering being made by the other students, it does not help the situation or make it any easier. These acts that occur all the time in school

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