The Impact Of Technology On Urban Places Essay examples

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The housing we live today, the city environment we live today, the transportation we take today and even the public services we take as granted today were all developed when time goes by with adequate urban planning. In module 1-4, the course director Lewis Code showed us the historical growth and development of urban places so we can better understand the reason behind of all these changes around the cities over years. For the rest of this essay, I will analyze the four important concepts I have learned in module 1-4 and link the discussions with the impact of technology on urban places. The four concepts are: industrial revolution, transportation, modern Central Business District and modern city.

Lewis first shows us Industrial Revolution was started with three essential technological elements: power/energy, communications and transportation. With power/energy, people were able to generate electricity and transmit the electricity over long distances which mean production was no longer limited to water power locations. It also increased productivity which led to greater levels of capital accumulation and larger factories size. The cities grew up at the same pace when factories became bigger and bigger. When cities were growing up, a higher level of communication was needed to ensure people receive the information in a faster and more efficient way. Then transportation is another key to Industrial Revolution: the goods produced by the factories must transport to the…

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