The Impact Of Technology On The Music Industry Essay

1016 Words May 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Technology has slowly become intertwined into everyday life, especially in the music industry. The earliest known implementation of music technology was prehistoric peoples ' use of a tool to hand-drill holes in bones to make simple flutes. The creation of instruments, printing press, and CD’s are all huge technological advancements in the music industry; however, we will stick to the most recent developments. Some people believe the tech today has stripped some of the meaning off of music, to which I respectfully disagree. Technology has proven to improve the music industry with unlimited accessibility for new artists, easier production, and new distribution methods.
An upcoming artist requires accessibility in order for them to work with others or to make their music. On the website “The Real Musician” it makes a great point on how helpful a computer can be for accessibility: “You can find others music through social networks such as Soundcloud, listen to what they have to offer, and then decide to work with them.” With tech development like computers you can collaborate with someone across the globe, a person with a completely different background. This helps bring a different perspective into your music, and possibly unknown sounds and feelings. The site also goes on about how much easier it is today to access the tools necessary to produce music: “With advances in technology, it becomes easier to create. Writing and recording music becomes easier, which allows much…

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