The Impact Of Technology On The Music Industry Essay example

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The Impact of Technology on the Music Industry
How are things different in the music industry compare to how it was in the past now that technology change it? This is part of the field of Information Technology (I.T) because it is part of the entertainment district and the entertainment district uses. Technology that made it flourish,so when technology evolve so does the entertainment district especialy the music industry.Online buying of music help’s the music industry for the better because it spread the music world wide and preserves it as well as increase the number of people becoming artist.
The music industry is the business of performing, recording, and selling music through any number of different methods. Many people are involved in the industry, from the musicians that create and play music to sound engineers who work to record music properly and producer who oversee the entire process. The music industry sells their music through physical or digital means, live performances of music are often a part of it as well. In some country or area the music industry may be overseen by a number of different record label and companies. There are other professionals that work behind the scenes such as studio who runs the side business and road crews who work on the live performances(“What Is the Music Industry?”).
Throughout history the music industry business model was simple, the music label is “the bank making agreements with artist to finance and control cost associated…

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