The Impact Of Technology On The Learning Environment Of Students

1207 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
There are many research reports written on the impact of technology on the learning environment of students. All research findings and reports had different conclusions, most of them supported the impact of technological importance for learning. On the other hand, this topic barely got any critique because there is little evidence of any research supporting the claim that technology has no importance in learning. In this literature review, I will analyze the pros and cons of the impact of technology on the learning environment of students by comparing research reports and peer-reviewed articles. Technologies are the things created by human that can make our lives easier or solve problems such as laptop computers, calculators, IPad, etc. These human-made things are made to make our daily lives more convenient, productive and fast. Technologies do things that we might otherwise have to do for ourselves such as labor and physical exertion. Basically, they minimize the struggle that our ancestor use to do by their self. For example, writing this literature review would have been way much more difficult to write and print if were supposed to write in the era of our ancestor by using feather pens or the typewriters. However, the computer has made students life easier that they can also write and research on any topic in no time. One of the largest research which took place on the impact of technology was Kulik’s Meta-Analysis Study. James Kulik…

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