Essay on The Impact Of Technology On The Environment

1357 Words Nov 7th, 2016 6 Pages
The Impact of Technology In the twenty-first century, technology is developing faster than the rainforest is recovering. Technology has become an important part of daily life for most people. It solves various problems, but tends to create others. People spend a lot of time using technology that they may forget about the effects it may have on the environment. Since the main goal of technology is to be more efficient, companies are developing products that meet the efficiency standards. Companies are creating efficient products and components that help reduce their effect on the environment. Technology is more efficient today and will continue to change. Though technology is still developing, it will eventually start to show diminishing returns which means that the time and energy put in will produce less than what was put in. This means that technology will eventually reach a point where it is as efficient as it will get. Since the world will not sustain human life forever, it is crucial to understand the effects that technology has on the environment. Over the years, technology has been changing because people have been developing different ideas to already technology that already exists. Technological breakthroughs have been made in every field from medicine to transportation. On average, pieces of technology are getting smaller and more powerful. These changes are happening because of a better understanding of how to utilize different components and the…

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