The Impact Of Technology On Society 's Society Essay

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Engineering and theProfession 06-85-118 September 25th 2015
Impact of Technology on Society
Often times, small innovations can have the largest impacts on the way in which people live their lives. This is famously shown by Thomas Edison who, upon thinking about the light bulb decided that it would one day be possible to illuminate an entire city. The technology of creating light with electricity had existed since 1800 when Humphry Davis managed to create the first electric arc lamp by feeding electricity through carbon electrodes. While this did produce light, the system was extremely large and it burnt out quickly, resulting in a need to replenish the carbon electrodes frequently. The first improvement that was made on Davis’ model was a reduction in its size. This was done by Warren de la Rue in 1840, who used platinum coils instead of copper ones. This allowed the bulb to burn brighter, longer and be smaller, however the cost of platinum made the bulb impractical. It wasn’t until 30 years later the Edison decided to look at the lightbulb with a new perspective that practical lighting would become a reality without the use of candles. The story of Edison’s light bulb and his first electrical grid, serve as lessons for engineers today explaining that often times the work of multiple groups is required to perfect a piece of technology. It also reveals that technology that seems impractical one day, may someday illuminate the entire planet.
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