Essay about The Impact Of Technology On Quality Of Education

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The Impact of Technologies on the Quality of Education:
An annotated Bibliography
Working thesis: The technologies have a positive impact on the quality of education because it develops skills which are necessary for life and make education more entertaining, however, integration of new technologies to the education area is a complicated and expensive task.
Andronic, Anca. ' 'Open Distance Education - New Challenges. ' ' Article at Proceedings of the Scientific Conference AFASES. Henri Coanda Air Force Academy, Romania. 5 Jan. 2011. Web. 2014.
The popularity of distance education increased a lot through recent years, but we should better concentrate on the quality and strategies of virtual learning. Integrating of distance education requires not only a lot of money and time but also new ways to manage teaching and learning process. New ways of teaching do not mean that we should just integrate modern technologies and leave old curriculum, it means that we should create a new academic plan with using of this technologies. In addition, a teacher has to adjust to the new environment of teaching and define his own teaching approach to learning. Distance learning assumes more friendly and trustful atmosphere between student and teacher because they would communicate through email and different discussion forums. Also, it creates the online environment that provides continue conversation between students about what to do and how to do in the course. The author gives…

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