The Impact Of Technology On Our Lives Essay example

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The Impact of Technology Is the internet a big distraction or a tool we need in order to succeed? In today’s society the internet play’s a big role in our lives, something that people can’t seem to live without. The internet is not only negatively changing us but also the way we process information and socialize with people. Such negative impact is not only seen in teens but also in adults, changing our ways just to try to keep up with technology making us lazy and less critical thinkers. The internet has become a popular topic around the world; its development has made many things possible for many people and also businesses. Such development has expanded such industries like Amazon, Google and YouTube to grow on a major scale. In today’s Society the internet is use for many things such as finding information, staying connected with family out of the country and also to publish information or sell products. Technology is changing the face of humankind with the process of information and how that information is capture. Alan Greenblatt, staff writer, states, “The Internet’s not making us stupid or smarter it’s changing the way we’re processing information” (par 14). Greenblatt states a good point; the internet is making a lot of things easier for us humans. As the internet grows and technology evolves new ways are created to help us humans acquire and process information like never before. This is an example of what the internet has accomplished throughout many years of…

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