The Impact Of Technology On Our Earth Essay

1668 Words Feb 13th, 2015 null Page
Humans have always desired for better and improved technologies. Past half of 21 century, the speed of technological development quickened. Technologies made life more convenient, but our planet Earth went into the state that recovery started to seem impossible. Regardless of planet’s condition, people kept craving for new things. By the beginning of 22nd century, series of natural disasters attacked cities. Earthquakes dropped skyscrapers into crevices, tsunamis swept cities, and nuclear power plants started to explode one after another. Sky lost its clear blue colour, and visions were blocked with thick smokes. Cities became inhabitable one by one. Only Chicago managed to remain habitable due to its locational advantages being inland and avoiding the fault lines that create earthquakes. People who have survived gathered at Chicago. Ten leaders and scientists from different countries and cities gathered to create a temporary council to deal with this situation. Over days and nights, they tried to find a solution for this horrific series of events, but things got worse faster and faster. Just like any other day, the councils looked through databases around the world for any information that can help the situation. Nathan, one of the scientist, went to look through South Korean database. Between thousands of files, there was old file related to connecting brains to virtual world. This technology was banned and put in secret folder due to controversial moral issues and…

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