Essay about The Impact Of Technology On Leisure Activities

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Throughout this course, the concept of leisure, and an individual’s ability to engage in leisure, has been discussed. While the views on what constitutes “leisure” has continually changed throughout time, constraints on the ability to engage in leisure- whether through peer pressure from friends (interpersonal), low self-esteem and fear (intrapersonal), or simple structural constraints that limit the amount of time and money an individual has- have always influenced the pursuit of leisure in society. In today’s society, the role of technology is rapidly changing not only the type of leisure activities that are available but the mediums in which they’re pursued. While providing many benefits to leisure and overall well-being, technological advances have also created barriers to real and authentic human interaction. Encouraging sedentary lifestyles through virtual “third places,” the internet, chat rooms and other types of online tools are negatively affecting an individual’s ability to meet and build relationships with others and form genuine human connections. In order to combat the modern negative effects of technology on leisure activities and places to pursue leisure, more research is needed to evaluate the true role that technology plays in shaping an individual’s life.
View of Leisure Today
Reiterating a point made earlier in the course – people should “work to live” not “live to work”. People get so caught up in the mundane day to day tasks that they…

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