Technology In Law Enforcement

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Since its inception in the early 20th century, technology as made many advances in a variety of fields, such as: healthcare, law, education, and even criminal justice, but more specifically, law enforcement. The progression of technology has had many direct and indirect effects on the criminal justice system (Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, 2015), starting with the automobile, and then expanding into other innovations such as computers, database management software, and DNA analysis (Roberts 2014). The use of technology has greatly impacted law enforcement; however, one cannot expect good without the bad.
Technology has positively affected law enforcement in a number of ways. Before the introduction of automobiles, police officers “walked the
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I couldn’t imagine calling 911 and having to wait on an officer to get to me by foot or even receiving a ticket and not being able to understand the time or date written for me to go to court. Law enforcements officials have greatly benefited from these technological advances. Even the AMBER alert has helped in recent years, compared back to when faces were placed on milk cartons. Technology has greatly impacted this field and I believe that in the future, the citizens will continue to benefit from these advances. As for the negative, I agree with those too. Police officers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the new technology. Criminals also benefit. Being of a victim of identity theft myself, I know the troubles of trying to get money reimbursed and restore my credit. I also have experienced a customer paying me with a counterfeit bill, and my register being short for that night. I have not personally ever experienced my phone being tapped but I know people who have and I don’t agree with it. Policed officers should he held accountable for doing the right thing and not take advantage of their power. I believe that the new technology should be used for the betterment of society as a whole and not for selfish gain. I also believe that with time, it will be ways in which technology will only be able to be used for good and not

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