The Impact Of Technology On Human Race And Society Essay

1090 Words Aug 8th, 2015 null Page
When was the last time you used a dictionary to find a word that you did not know? And when was the last time you used your electronic devices to find a word that you did not know? Technology has affected our lives without any precaution and we are subconsciously becoming too dependent on the technology we have now. American educators should not vote for more technology funding due to how technology contributes to cyberbullying and the different negative effects technology has on human race and society that will be discussed later in this essay. According to “School Counselors and the Cyberbully: Interventions and Implications”, cyberbullying is the act of using technologies such as e-mails, cell phones, or text messaging with the intent of causing harm to others. It writes “Ten years ago in his State of the Union address, President Bill Clinton stated, ‘Every classroom in America must be connected to the information superhighway with computers and good software and well-trained teachers’ (Clinton, 1996). By 2002, 99% of the public schools in America reported having computers with Internet access (National Center for Education Statistics, 2002). With the current availability of computer technology in schools, parents and educators have found themselves unprepared for the task of monitoring students ' Internet use and misuse (Franek, 2004).” I see hundreds of pictures and videos posting on different social media everyday. And I have read news about a student who committed…

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