The Impact Of Technology On Early Childhood Development Essay

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Why Technology Implications Matters in Early Childhood Development Technology is vital in early child care development because it helps prepare children for real world engagements. Technology such as computers, smart boards, television and e-books are all great and creative tools to use in early educational development for children. Although, devices like these must be interactive, in order, to enhance the child’s educational experience not just be considered for passive viewing. According to the American Association of Pediatrics, it recommends that children under the age of two have no screen time (including TV, computer, DVD, or video games) and that children over the age of two have no more than two hours per day (Technology and media in childcare, 2010). Therefore, it is most appropriate for children over the age of two to have limited exposure to these fundamental devices to help them to grow both socially and intellectually without it harming them in the end. Moreover, my field is Early Childhood development, so on the regular basis, I learn about the psychological needs of children to the cognitive development of children, which is very beneficial knowledge to acquire. Also, I have over a decade of experience in child care and have witnessed that with the support of these devices it does alleviate a workload off teachers as well.
The main reasons technology should be implemented into early childhood curriculum is to develop creativity, enrich equity learning, and…

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