The Impact Of Technology On Early Childhood Development Essay

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The Influence of Technology on Early Childhood Development
Imagine entering the first meeting for a new career. As soon as one walks in the anxiety is high and people are sitting down preparing for this influential conference. Now imagine that one of the colleagues entering the room and not saying a word; having no portfolio in their hands of topics to discuss. Throughout the entire conference, they say nothing and are on their phone or computer the whole time. Also, when they are asked a direct question they have no response and avoid eye contact, along with stuttering and questioning any words that they actually do say. This is the result of technology in early childhood development. Technology in early childhood development creates a barrier in a child 's brain that does not allow them to communicate efficiently due to the fact that the socialization process was interrupted.
Parent and guardians nowadays seem to think that their children that are in early development are better protected and better entertained through the use of technology than that of other people who can help shape and mold them into successful humans rather than those that sit on the sidelines and watch others accomplish extraordinary feats. Instead of the use of technology, the parents should have their child placed in advanced programs and motivate them to be the best and accomplish their dreams rather than watch someone else do it for them. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the way…

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