The Impact Of Technology On Children 's Learning And Development

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Child Development and Technology
Technology is exposed to children everyday, whether it is at home or in a classroom setting, it is all around them. It allows children to process and understand new information that cannot be done through an individual. Technology has had a dramatic impact on education and allows children to develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. Sometimes technology can be a disadvantage because it causes less social interaction with our peers, and a difficulty in being emotionally open. Another issue is obese children. Technology, such as advertisements on TV or video games, can cause weight gain in children. Although there are disadvantages there is always solutions to these problems that technology is causing.
Technology proves to be a positive influence on a child’s learning and development. It focuses on social and emotional development, language development, physical and motor development, and cognitive and general development (Young, 2001). Social and emotional development allows children to interact with their peers and share conversations through the use of technology. Technology can influence social emotional development in a positive way as long as we use it effectively. “Computer and software can serve as a catalyst for social interaction and conversations related to children’s work” (Young, 2001, p.1). For example, classroom group activities using a computer allow students to interact with one another and help children…

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