The Impact Of Technology On Children 's Lives Essay

2297 Words May 10th, 2016 10 Pages
The use of technology has increased among children in the U.S. over the last ten years, says MCT Graphic Service (Cell Phone and Computer). Too much technology can enervate the mind. The naive child mind can be tainted by the abuse of ignoble internet. Use of technology can be helpful, but harmful. Technology is not always a safe and private place. Technology does not guarantee safety for both the parent and child. There are loopholes, tricks, and many more ways to get through things and achieve them. People can help stop the villains, but more will appear whether people want them or not. Amazement and terror both unite when it comes to technology. The technology that people create are extraordinary, but terrifying. Education, social life, and physical health of children are all the denouement of the over use of technology.
The role of education in children 's lives is a big priority. Education is one of the things that most parents want for their children. Technology in the twenty-first century is needed for almost everything. Both children and adults use technology in the twenty-first century to get their work done, and it could have some effects on their life. As technology increases more children have studied less (Teens Reading Par. 9). Technology has increased because of new research, new material, and new knowledge. Technology is one of the essential tools of education. As technology improves education improves as well to neutralize the new knowledge to others. As a…

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