The Impact Of Technological Advancement On The World Essays

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The most powerful and prominent force in the world has without a doubt has been, the rapid advancement of technology following the industrial revolution. From the introduction of the steam engine by James Watt to the mass expansion of railway lines, technological advancement has increased productivity and globalization exponentially. By breakthroughs in communication, transportation, and information technology, the world in which we reside has become unrecognizable to what it was 200 years ago. This essay encompasses these three ways in which technological advancement has completely restructured and revamped the world of as we know it. Cementing itself as the most powerful force on the planet.

Steam Power
The most notable progression of technological advancement is often referred back to the ‘Industrial Revolution’, whereby technological advances saw the creation some of the key components in global development. From the first breakthrough by Thomas Newcomen in developing the first commercially viable steam engine to a more refined engine with a continuous rotary motion patented by James Watt, the exodus from stationary water-powered technology toward a new steam-powered system was majorly significant in galvanizing the industrial revolution. For example, in what is now the United States, steam engines allowed for a viable way for settlers to work, produce, market, specialize, and develop westward whilst not having to concern themselves the less plentiful…

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