The Impact Of Stuart Hall Cultural Studies : Two Paradigms From Media Culture And Society

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I will be discussing and describe these three articles about Stuart Hall cultural studies theory the Cultural Studies: Two Paradigms from Media Culture and Society, then the Cultural Studies in the Future tense and Sexing the Self: Gendered Positions in Cultural Studies theory.
Stuart Hall, “Cultural Studies: Two Paradigms” from Media Culture and Society, Raymond Williams and E.P Thompson summarize about the way they saw culture, they refer it to the way of life and saw mass media as the main role for capitalist society. Williams’s perspective, his ideas were refer to culture as to social practice he saw “culture as a whole way of life” and as to structuralism that makes the concept of the “structure of feeling“(Stuart Hall, “Cultural Studies: Two Paradigms” 1980). William was influenced in the seventy by Gramsci’s but, Williams became familiarly with Gramsci dominate and at the end of the 1970’s hegemony became the central concept of cultural studies. Thompson main idea was cultural focus but mostly on social classes and class consciousness; he was not interested in the way “whole way of life” but how people working class that were struggling in the dominate aspect of the “way of life”. Therefore in this article both William and Thompson, saw culture in different way of life but according to Thompson he determined based on the economic base. The articles of Stuart Hall, “Cultural Studies: Two Paradigms” from Media Culture and Society, I will be describing culturalist and…

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