Essay about The Impact Of Stage Environment Fit On Young Adolescents

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The group discussion based off of the article “The Impact of Stage-Environment Fit on Young Adolescents’ Experiences in Schools and in Families” primarily focused on the reasons why adolescents are said to be “at risk” and how schools can adjust to fit the changing needs of adolescents. As a whole, the group agreed that adolescents are “at risk” because of the many changes they face during this time, such as: puberty, changing schools, and sexual desires. Their idea behind the reason for teens being at risk was very similar with points given in the article because the authors concluded that the negative changes occur due to a timing of multiple life changes and a cumulative stress theory due to pubertal development (Eccles, et al.). Once the group learned of these ideas, they agreed with them and decided that the multiple life changes influences the high amount of stress that adolescents receive. The final discussion point was about ways that schools could be better prepared and accepting of the changing needs of adolescents. The group provided many ideas that schools could do. One being to create a club where older students mentor younger students to help them through the transition between elementary school and junior high. Another popular idea was to create “houses” in the junior high level where the grade was split into halves or thirds and those groups always had classes together and always had the same teachers. This idea would help the relationships between…

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