Essay on The Impact Of Sports On The Education

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Unit Paper 4
When people think about the institute of education, most people think of academics, but there is another factor that influences the lives of students and the education system as a whole. Sports play a big role in many schools across America. Whether you’re a high school athlete, college athlete, or someone who doesn’t even play sports, the impact sports have on the education institutes is shown through different social and even financial aspects. Sports and these institutes go hand in hand, with almost every high school and college offering some sort of sports team. College sports can bring in quite a bit of revenue, making it to some, a priority above other important necessities and programs in education. Not only does college sports create revenue, but the fan-bases for these teams are very involved in these events, creating a unique and symbolic identity for each school. This essay will provide photos that help explain the influence athletics have on the institutes of education and the social theories that can help explain this phenomenon.
Photo number one was taken with my cellphone and shows a UW-Badger football game. I used this photo to show how many people (80,000+) go to these games. With that many people, and the cost of tickets, food and memorabilia. You can see the finical impact these games have. Not only that, but the symbolic gestures shown in the photo that everyone there knows, for example wearing team colors, and the easy recognizable “W”.…

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